Construction is a circular process

Our society is undergoing a major transition. We are moving away from the pure ‘consumption’ of fossil-based materials in our working and living environments and towards an approach in which we treat our planet responsibly and preserve its natural resources.

At the GMP Group we look at the world as a circular system. We see life on earth as a cycle; a process that is made up of constantly recurring stages, that uses scarce materials, but does not consume them. The advantages of circular economic thinking are obvious: industries become less dependent on limited reserves of raw materials and dwindling energy sources, waste flows shrink, emissions are cut and innovative economic activities develop more frequently and at a faster rate.

Each of the GMP Group’s operating companies specialises in a part of the construction process. Together they see construction as a circular process and take a fully integrated approach to projects.

The main activities of our companies are:

  1. Buro Ontwerp en Omgeving (BOO) provides complete support to public authorities, businesses and private individuals in the areas of spatial development, design and construction. In each phase of the process, from the presentation of proposals and the development of solutions through to concrete implementation, it focuses explicitly on circularity, alongside feasibility.
  2. CIRQU organises the complete circular construction process: from the initial idea through to construction and completion.
  3. PARO sorts, processes and treats waste materials generated during projects, transforming them into semi-finished and new products. High-quality recycling and maximum circularity are at the heart of its operations.
  4. Recycling Solutions operates worldwide as a trader of the sorted raw materials that come off PARO’s state-of-the-art sorting lines.